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blue flip


If you want things to stay the same

things are going to have to change.

Misfits cast
babe, it's been a long day

Spent last evening at a party with some friends. Everything's always changing. I think I feel that most when things are good.

A text from a co-worker working back-to-back shifts asked if I'd take his early morning shift so he could sleep.

I stayed and hugged people goodbye as they left. I imagined it a way of giving them a last feeling before they disappeared through the door.

After the last person left I helped take down posters and move furniture back, un-do the photo booth and put away food. We talked and laughed.

I went to work with 4 hours of sleep behind me. I was good though. It was worth it.

I meant to lay down for an hour and a half after after work but slept for 3. When I rose, I made tea. No. Not just tea. I made Super Mug of tea. The kind of super mug of tea that's quite literally a bowl-mug. I'd dreamt it was raining and with that in head I wanted to sit down and read with a warmth and tea that would last and stay with.

I texted a friend who was packing for her show at NY ComiCon. I told her as she packed, "And I quote. Go. Go and experience and fall in love with the city all over again. ...then come back."
Fern: You quote?
Me: Yes. Yes I do. I believe it was once said by a very wise man named Selfish Tyler.

My little big bro phoned and we went to the cinema and saw Don Jon. It was one of those you think it's gonna be one way, and then it surprises you films. We stood in the night air outside the theater afterward and talked for an hour.

It was the kind of day that arrives unexpectedly, takes the steering wheel and shows you the way. In the after, it's seen that it was a was well-wanted one and shall be thought of again.

you are the best thing.
to ever happen to me.