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blue flip


If you want things to stay the same

things are going to have to change.

i could never not
there's parachutes above you
life boats below.
a heart that loves you

A song I haven't shown to anyone. A song I'd like to show to everyone. Though it might not be everyone's type of song.

So much has happened. All of everything between then and now. Words and feelings and sights and sighs. Loves lost and loved again. Perhaps more so in the end for who they are. It's sad. But that's how you know they weren't the one for the end.

Is it possible you are how I remember you but with more? More different and less same.

I will say it here because I must allow myself to say it somewhere. I will go. I already know I shall. Later in life I'll go find those I've cared about. I won't say anything. I won't intrude. I'll keep close to the background. I'll do it because I dream about them doing so for me. If by any chance they dream the same, I will make that true for them. Because they are worth being sought. And they are a piece of me. I have cared and I have loved and I know not how to stop. If all the world I exist in changes around me and leaves me, piece by piece remaining in those I've held close, I know not how to stop.

I have thought I could never.
But I could never not.

there’s a fool that loved you and he loves you still.