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blue flip


If you want things to stay the same

things are going to have to change.

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miles away
at the end of a rainy day when you sat alone

I got sleep last night.

I have believed so much that the things we eat and the amount we sleep has great affect on the how that we are.

I think I've believed too heavily in this. These things help. Sometimes morose finds its way in regardless.

I'm grateful for so much. I've been good. I am a little worried for someone.

He doesn't treat himself very well. He told me that he didn't eat today.

He's several thousand miles away but I wanted to give him a hug.

I stopped talking to him because he started drifting.

I will talk to him again tomorrow.

I hope rest helps him.

And selfishly, I hope rest helps me.

it's a sign that lets you know there is a life awaiting