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blue flip


If you want things to stay the same

things are going to have to change.

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he speaks. i miss.
blue flip
i ask somebody what time it is
but time doesn't matter to them yet

He speaks with his back to me. To the others there, not to me.
It's okay. It makes me feel bad. But it's okay. I know he's being where he is. Existing as he is. As he feels. He can't control what he feels. And I can't control what I don't feel.

I've been filling my time. Working 6-day weeks. Reading. Running. Much of it is time on my own.
I miss it. One-on-one time. With others. Just they and myself and moments lost in laughter.
I'm good at reaching out. I worked hard at learning how to be better at that.
Now I just have to put that to use.

now here i lie
on my own in a separate sky